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One ounce = 1 capful or two tablespoons provide:

• Phyto Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Complex Ultra Immune  Support

• Prebiotic Multi-Fiber and Digestive Complex

• Cardiovascular, Liver Cleanse and Detox Support

• Anti-Aging Complex

• Sea-Derived Fulvic Trace Mineral ComplexVegetarian Formula

Immune Support Liquid

SKU: 0990
  • Immune Booster & Energizer liquid contains virtually all vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that the body needs in a unique combination that is totally bioutilizable and immediately assimilated by the cells. It is completely natural and organic, which makes it 100% compatible with the nature of the body, their components provide the immune system the safest and most natural maintenance, helping the body respond defensively to allergy problems.*

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